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Robot Swing Golf

Robot Swing Golf®

Think of your golf intelligence and your swing as separate things in your game. Robotizing your swing will help reduce missed shots even in the face of tense situations on the course.


Robot Swing is All About Swinging Like a Robot

The idea of Robot Swing Golf is that, while the game itself requires an intelligent approach, the swing is robotic.
On the golf course, you will hit the ball as though you were a robot.
A robot has no emotions, so he doesn't make mistakes due to mental pressure.
A robot will never suffer from yips either. The Robot Swing Golf advocates for making your movements robotic.
Robot Swing Golf introduces swings as mechanical, robotic actions rather than in human terms.
Swinging the club is not about hitting the ball, it is about achieving an optimal trajectory that is reproducible and stable.
If the lowest point of the club head is stable, the ball will fly without you having to worry about hitting the ball.
By considering the rotation axis of the body and the position of the center of gravity, you can achieve an optimal Robot Swing.

Welcome to Robot Swing Golf!

It is a new golfing style that revolutionizes the conventional golf swing.
Golf is said to be a mental sport.
There are many golfers who cannot perform their normal swing because of the psychological aspect of their game. This is reflected in their play, and their scores do not improve.
The concept of Robot Swing Golf is about separating game "intelligence" from making a swing like a "robot".
Robotizing your swing will reduce the impact of the psychological side to your game.
Try the Robot Swing with virtual robot swing instructor “Figgy”.
In Robot Swing Golf, we consider a professional’s highly consistent swing as a professional version of the Robot Swing. If you are a mid or advanced golfer, let's aim for your own Robot Swing and swing like a professional. I will guide you.

Inventor of Robot Swing Golf. Director, Robot Swing Laboratory. Masayuki Yanagibashi. USGTF Teaching Pro
Inventor of Robot Swing Golf
Director, Robot Swing Laboratory
Masayuki Yanagibashi
USGTF Teaching Pro
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Free advice on V1 swings is available to Robot Swing Golf subscribers.
We also provide feedback on your swing analysis for a fee. Please contact us for details.