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Robot Swing Golf

The philosophy behind Robot Swing Golf

  • Make it possible for anyone to learn golf in a short period of time and enjoy the game.
  • Regardless of age or gender, always reach a steady finish position based on the axis of rotation and the center of gravity of the swing for one’s physique and physical strength.
  • Learn the physical motions you need to play better golf, understand the relationship between the club and ball in a swing, and learn the ball flight laws.
  • Think separately about course management and your swing.
  • Course management should call on golf intelligence and always consider risks to develop a game plan tailored to your golf skill.
  • The ultimate goal is to change your view of golf from "hitting the ball" to "swinging the club", and to establish a swing that is focused on the bottom of the clubhead.
  • Robotize your swing so that you are not affected by pressure.
  • "Robot Swing" means a swing made by a mechanical operation that can be easily robotized. The Robot Swing is not a relaxed swing, but a swing that does not allow for looseness in any joint. Based on this idea, there can be many versions of the Robot Swing.
  • "Robot Swing V1" is the manifestation of the swing made by a virtual robot that involves the rotational motion of the upper body and the hips and the vertical movement of the arms. It is the combination of two movements and is beneficial to all golfers.
  • The self-styled Robot Swing is based on the idea of improving the consistency of a golfer’s unique swing by fixing each part of the body involved in the swing in the right position in order to achieve the ideal rotation axis and center of gravity. This will enable the golfer to produce a stable swing every time.