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Robot Swing Golf

About Swing Analysis Reports

Swing analysis involves the creation of reports based on on-plane swing theory.
Please refer to the following section for where to position the cameras when taking your video.
Please note that accurate reports may not be produced if the camera positions are not correct.
Divide the swing into 10 positions and provide commentary based on the side and front images.

On-plane swing theory

Swings are analyzed from the side using three important lines. This swing theory involves capturing the swings of about 300 top professionals and top amateur drivers with a fixed camera and analyzing them to derive a common plane for excellent swings. We then define the analysis lines for easy analysis of the swing and provide commentary on your swing while explaining the meaning of each line. Golfers who produce consistent shots do not stray far off these lines during their swings.
While swing analysis from the front does not provide accurate on-plane analysis, the lines drawn for the center of the body and between the shoulders explain the positional relationship between each part of the body during the swing and the position of the club based on the on-plane theory.

Features of on-plane swing theory

In the on-plane swing theory, swings are based on three fixed lines from the side and two lines from the front, so they are excellent for direction and the distance of each club is also stable. Since it is also the swing trajectory for hitting straight balls, the direction will also be stable. And because the club is swung efficiently, it will also reduce the burden on the body and prevent injuries. The on-plain swing theory is the systematization of the method to hit accurate shots.

What's in a Swing Analysis Report?

In addition to these lines, the Swing Analysis Report shows the position of the head, spine, and waist at the address as needed, explaining the movement of these body parts during the swing.
Besides analyzing each swing position, we also provide "Advice for practicing your swing". Here, we will provide about five pointers on how you can improve your swing based on the swing analysis. In addition, we may explain errors and inappropriate motions during a swing that are often seen among amateur golfers. Sometimes the advice can be quite harsh, but we hope you understand that this is an indispensable part for creating your ideal swing. We will also introduce practice drills to solve these problems.

Images of each swing position

Side (down the line)
Blue line (Hogan line: the line connecting the toe of the clubhead and the base of the neck)
Yellow line (shaft line: the line extending from the club heel to club shaft)
Red line (plane line: the line ideally passing through the clubhead in the middle of the two lines above)
Front (face-on)
Red line (body centerline) Yellow line (vertical line from the left shoulder and right shoulder)

Sample of Swing Analysis Report

See a sample Swing Analysis Report

Sample of Swing Analysis Report

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Includes one Swing Analysis Report & a comparison video with Figgy

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